About For Birth and Beyond

Untitled-1For Birth and Beyond will provide you with up to date, evidence based information about your birth and teach you practical baby skills.

All antenatal course teachers are qualified state registered midwives or hold a Diploma in Antenatal Education from the University of Bedfordshire with a current NCT Licence to Practice. All facilitators have a minimum of two years post qualification experience, though most have over 10 years.

We are experienced in offering a variety of antenatal classes and believe strongly that you and your birth  partner should be given informed choice in order to choose the birth and style of parenting that is right for you. IT IS YOUR BODY, YOUR BIRTH AND YOUR BABY and our aim is to support you in what feels right for you. Our teaching style is dynamic and enthusiastic and we  welcome questions and discussions throughout the course.

As mothers as well as professional antenatal teachers we aim to provide a safe, friendly environment in which to explore the challenges ahead. Course facilitators are Members of the Federation of Antenatal Teachers and fully insured.

What our clients say about us:-

‘We left your antenatal course feeling confident and positive. We both found it to be informative and came away from the day feeling less alone and more convinced than ever that we will survive not only the first few weeks but the entire journey of parenting’ Alex and Tara

‘Sharon made a big difference to the way I coped with this birth. Just wish I had attended this class prior to the births of my other two children.’ Vicky

‘Today has given me the confidence to look forward to life with twins. Very relaxed and enjoyable day.’ Steve